Rafting, Kayaking, & Paddle Boarding Adventure Day Camp

The Camp Child Rafting Adventure Day Camp is a new program centered on providing the building blocks for character development, leadership, confidence and self-awareness. We offer five adventure sport programs, each lasting 5 days (Monday through Friday). In some cases, based on participation, kids can take the same track and progress to more advanced skills training in follow-on weeks. In addition, day 3 of each track includes a full day of survival training for kids. Taught from the perspective of Search and Rescue professionals, each child will learn the basics of what to do, what not to do, and how to make sound decisions should they find themselves lost or separated from the group. Each track takes advantage of our unique geography and are led by professional instructors. The new Camp Child Adventure Camp experience will give our children the character, leadership and experience that will help them build exemplary lives.


Rafting: Explore Montana’s beauty by river and lake! Students will be taught paddling techniques, water safety skills, aquatic wildlife and environment all while experiencing kayaking, paddle boarding, rafting, and rowing. History, hydrology, minimal impact practices, and art in nature will be incorporated.

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Y Member Rate: $250 (SAVE $50!) per week
Community Rate: $300 per week

*Financial Aid Assistance Available*

July 13-17, 2020

August 3-7, 2020


6 years old – 18 years old


Matthew Bartlett

[email protected]


Daily Agenda

Day 1 Lake Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

9:00 ~ Arrive at The YMCA Helena
~ Meet and Greet

10:00 ~ Depart for Goose Bay Beach on Canyon Ferry Lake

10:45 ~ Unload gear, life jacket fitting
~ Outdoor safety briefing

11:00 ~ Kayaking and paddle boarding skills will be taught and practiced

12:00 ~ Lunch

12:30 ~ Kayak and paddle board

3:15 ~ Mountain lake inspired art project using acrylic on canvas

4:00 ~ Pack up

4:15 ~ Travel back to the YMCA Helena

5:30 ~ Parent pick up

Day 2    River Rafting and Island Exploration


Location:  Missouri River, Wolf Creek to Craig  ~ 6 River Miles


Skills Emphasized:  Moving water safety, paddle strokes, boat control, paddle boat commands, reading water, timing in current, and Leave No Trace Ethics


9:00    ~ Meet at the the YMCA Helena


9:15    ~ Depart for the Missouri River, Wolf Creek Bridge put in


10:00 ~ Moving water safety, lifejacket fitting, boat rigging


10:30 ~ Raft the Missouri


12:00  ~ Lunch


12:30 ~ River island exploration.  Discover the riparian zone by

identifying animal tracks, birds, and vegetation.


1:00    ~ Water coloring with Missouri River water


1:30    ~ Raft


3:45    ~ Breakdown boats, compile gear


4:15    ~ Travel back to the YMCA


5:30    ~ Parent pick up

Day 3 Learn NASAR’s Survival Skills at Blue Cloud


9:00    ~ Meet at the YMCA Helena


9:15    ~ Depart for Blue Cloud


9:45    ~ Arrival

~ Hike into National Forest


10:15  ~ Begin Hug-A-Tree and Survive course

~ Program history, stories of lost children, how searchers search

~ How to be found most quickly, effective signaling, improvise

emergency shelter, zip up, cover up.


12:00  ~ Lunch


12:30  ~ Learn the 5 components for survival and the order of importance

~ Practice building emergency shelters out of natural materials

~ Practice using effective signaling


3:00     ~ Art project, create and illustrate a survival guidebook


4:00    ~ Pack up


4:15    ~ Hike out


4:30    ~ Travel back to the YMCA Helena


5:30    ~ Parent pick up

Day 4 July 25th 2019 Rafting Rapids and Rock Hounding

Location: Missouri River, Mountain Palace to Pelican Point ~ 5 River Miles

Activity: River Rafting combined with rock sifting for sapphires, petrified wood
and agates

9:00 ~ Meet at the YMCA Helena

9:15 ~ Depart for the Missouri River, Mountain Palace put in

10:15 ~ Moving water safety, lifejacket fitting, boat rigging

10:45 ~ Raft

12:00 ~ Lunch in Cottonwood Grove

12:30 ~ Raft

1:30 ~ Sift Missouri River alluvial deposit for sapphires, petrified wood, and

2:00 ~ Painting river rocks with acrylic

2:30 ~ Raft

3:30 ~ Breakdown boats, compile gear

4:00 ~ Travel back to The Placer

5:30 ~ Parents, please join us at the YMCA for the slide show of our lake and
river adventure, story sharing, and art presentations!

6:00ish ~ Farewell

Day 5 July 25th 2019 Outdoor Activities Camp Child or Alternate Location

Location: Open Depending

Activity: Camp Child activities or alternate activities (Swimming, Climbing Wall, Zip Line, MTB Skills course, etc.)

9:00 ~ Meet at the YMCA Helena

9:15 ~ Depart for Camp Child or alternate.

12:00 ~ Lunch

4:00 ~ Travel back to the YMCA Helena

5:30 ~ Parent pick up.