Click here for the YMCA Financial Aid Application.

The Helena Family YMCA is here for all individuals and families.  We provide financial assistance to individuals, children, and families on a need basis allowing access to programs, activities, and facilities.


How do I sign up?

Completed applications may take up to 10 business days for processing. You must receive your award prior to registering for membership, programs or activities, so please submit your application at least ten (10) days prior to an activities’ registration closing date to ensure your assistance is available to you.

All required documentation must accompany your application in order for it to be considered complete and move forward for processing. Please see the application for required documents, which may include tax returns, bank statements, any form of public assistance, etc.


Financial assistance will be granted based on the need demonstrated by household income and/or extenuating circumstances. To explain extenuating circumstances changes in employment status, family illnesses, etc.) use the space provided on the application, or attach a letter of explanation/request.

The Helena Family YMCA believes a sense of ownership and pride is developed if the recipient contributes to the cost of the program or membership. The applicant may also contribute volunteer hours, and should demonstrate a desire and commitment to participate in the healthy, active lifestyle we promote.

The Helena Family YMCA is an inclusive organization that believes no one should be denied the privilege of participation in one of our life-enriching programs. Financial Assistance is made possible by donated funds from the Friends of Youth Campaign and the United Way. Talk with a staff member to see how you may be a valuable part of this process.

The discount amount is based on income and need. Membership fees are paid through a bank draft or paid in full. Assistance is awarded in six-month increments. The award period begins on the date of registration.

Applications are reviewed and processed in 7-10 working days.