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The Ed Kellner Mile Swim will be held Super Bowl Sunday February 4th

Cost:  $30 per person or $60 per team.

Time:  swim times begin at 8:00 AM.  Choose your swim time when registering.  (available spots will show when you click the "register online" button)

Teams:  break up the swim by having your friends join in the fun.  You can list your team-mates during the registration process.

Mile Fly Club:  If a mile swim isn't challenging enough, then you can really push your body to the limit by swimming a mile butterfly style.  The cost is $100.00 and you will get serious bragging rights and your name engraved on the coveted "Mile Fly Club" plaque.


This year's event will be a combined event with the entire Helena swimming community!  Please join us February 4th for a day of camaraderie, epic swimming, and fun. The first heats will begin at 8:00 AM.

If you are unable to join us on Sunday the 4th you can always pay your fee and swim when it is convenient. Just bring in your time and we will gladly post it with the others.

The Ed Kellner Mile Swim

The YMCA Mile Swim is held in honor of Ed Kellner who inspired others to swim by mapping his miles swam along several U.S. waterways, including all 2,341 miles of the Missouri river.

All proceeds from the event are donated to the Helena Family YMCA Aquatics Department.

Full Results from this year will be posted after the event.

The 2016 top finisher was Stacey Schwarz with a time of 24:20, finishing second was Jacob Fleury with 24:38, and Stephen Murphy rounded out the top three with a time of 24:46.  Amanda McGowan (33.56), Peggy Stringer (41:21), and Bill Allen (41.58) swam the FLY for the entire 1,800 yards - not an easy feat! The relay team of Jason Fowler, Jacob Malaski, and John Melcher also completed the mile FLY with a YMCA record-breaking time of 25:18.  All of these swimmers are recognized as elite members of the Helena YMCA Mile Fly Club.  Congratulations to all participants.

Full results:

Individual mile swim results: Stacey Schwarz (24:20); Jacob Fleury (24:38); Stephen Murphy (24:46); Amanda McGowan (25:31); Adrienne Standley (28:45); Tim Mehrens (30:27); Robert Rasmussen (30:29); Jacob Gluekert (30:54); Monica Gluekert (31:03); Shawn Pennartz (31:58); Danielle Malaski (32:31); Josh Pallister (34:30); Bryan Flynn (37:02); David Anderson (41:41); Bob Stringer (42:16); Maggie Long (48:46); Patrick Edgar (52:08); Charlotte Sanddal (1.13:37).

Relay mile swim results: Spencer Bartow, Nick Bubb, Paul Field, Parker Keller, Anna Kerins, Jacob Malaski, and Regan Read (24:00); Peggy Stringer, Stacey Schwarz, and Fran Reale (24:09); Kyle Beauchan and Shannon Edgar (26:00); Teagan Boysen, Emily McAnally, and Madison Hasslet (28:17); Dave and Sam Burleigh (31:42); Beau and Charles Snellman (38:07).

Individual mile FLY results: Amanda McGowan (33.56); Peggy Stringer (41:21); Bill Allen (41:58)

Relay mile FLY results: Jason Fowler, Jacob Malaski, John Melcher (25:18)


Previous Years' Full results:

2015 Results: Evan Eck (23:26), Jason Fowler (24:17 Free) (30:50 fly), Amanda McGowan (25:56), Peggy Stringer (29:25), Robert Rasmussen (29:43), Adrienne Standley (29:44)(grew up in Helena, lives in L.A. now), Julie Ackerlund (30:00), Gerry Hill (30:08), Tim Uhl (31:09), Tim Mehrens (31:34), Russ Noonan (32:16), Karen Simpson (33:18), Katie Campbell (33:57), Shawn Pennartz (34:35), Anna O-Donnell (35:41), Bryan Flynn (37:59), Lydia Kuderna (38:47), Josh Pallister (39:32), David Anderson (39:42), Kathleen McElwain (39:47), Bill Allen (40:24 fly), Paul Reynolds (42:56), Charlotte Sanddal (1:09:58)

 2014 Results: This year’s top finisher was Jessilyn Ecklund with a time of 23:05, finishing second was Jessica Adams with a time of 23:35, and rounding out the top three was Evan Eck with a time of 23:38. Congratulations to all participants full results are listed below.

Jessilyn Ecklund (23:05), Jessica Adams (23:35), Evan Eck (23:38), Jason Fowler (24:15), Jacob Byrne (24:26), Mandy McGowan (25:14), Poy Wong (28:27), Deb Grebence (29:28), Gerry Hill (29:35), Peggy Stringer (29:35), Adrienne Stanley (30:24), Tim Mehrens (30:44), Bob Mohs (31:07), George Foster (31:53), Peter McCarthy (32:43), Russ Noonan (32:52), Doug Compton (33:06), Heather Grahame (33:48), Tim Cail (34:15), Shawn Pennartz (34:26), Karen Simpson (34:38), Megan Harpster (35:02), Bryan Flynn (35:45), Anna O’Donnell (36:50), Mary Guokas (37:09), Cindy Lockett (37:29), John Crutcher (37:42), Charles Freeman (37:50), Kelly Bourgeois (37:56), Lydia Kuderna (38:27), Chris Caniglia (38:52), Lona McClanahan (39:10), Bill Allen (39:39 FLY), Josh Pallister (39:50), Kathy Chase (41:16), Charlotte Sandoval (1:05:42)

2013 Results:  The top Male Finisher was Evan Eck (23:44) and the top Female Finisher was Mandy McGowan (26:00).  Congratulations to all participants (full results below) and thank you for supporting the Helena Family YMCA.

Evan Eck (23:44), Jason Fowler (24:02), Mandy Mcgowan (26:00), Jake Byrne (26:26), Mile Fly Relay (Jason Fowler, Marisa Hardy, John Melcher, Tim Mehrens 27:29), Deb Grebence (29.12), Paul Sihler (31:09), Doug Compton (31:27), Peggy Stringer (31:58), Karen Simpson (32:15), Bob Mohs (32:33), Jacob Glueckert (32:34), Stu Kellner (33:38), Ashley Reynolds (33:47), Tim Cail (33:52), Mark Morgan (34:59 - 1650 Yards), Marisa Hardy (35:35 - Breast Stroke),  Tom Sanburg (37:14), Megan Harpster (38:00), Bill Allen (38:24- Mile Fly), Bob Glueckert (38:38), TJ Hill (39:06), Roger Little (40:21), Vickie Williams (41:43), Greg Schneider (47:49)


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