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Registration Information and Release Forms

Wow! It's hard to believe 2018 camp is almost here. It's coming up fast so I'm posting a few things to help you get ready. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding camp.

Release Forms:

Camp Medication Form

climbing wall and zip line release form


DROP-OFF/CHECK-IN Drop off will be on Sunday of the camper's scheduled week, from 2:00-4:00 PM. Please be on time. Camp is about small group activities and team-building. Our team-building exercises start the minute the entire cabin is checked in.

PICK-UP/CHECK-IN: All campers must be checked out and picked up from Camp by no later than 2:00 p.m. on Friday of their session. Transportation to and from Camp Child is the responsibility of the family of the camper.

DIRECTIONS TO CAMP: From Helena, take Hwy 12 East toward Elliston/Missoula. At the bottom of Macdonald Pass take a left at Little Blackfoot Road (You'll see our first "YMCA Camp Child" Sign). Go up the road about 3 miles and take a left at the next "YMCA Camp Child Sign". The road ends at our camp.

MEALS: The first meal of Camp will be Sunday dinner. Campers must bring a sack lunch or have eaten lunch prior to check-in. Campers will receive three meals a day, except on Sunday and Friday.  Snacks are offered in the morning and afternoon.  The last meal offered is Friday lunch. Families are welcome to enjoy lunch with their camper.

CABIN ASSIGNMENTS: Campers will be placed in a cabin of no more than 12 campers by age and gender.A trained, YMCA counselor will serve as the leader for each cabin group for the entire session.If possible, a Counselor-in-Training will also be assigned.Campers can request cabin-mates by responding to this email.

PRESCRIPTION AND NON-PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES: All medicine, with the exception of asthma inhalers, MUST be checked in upon arrival with a Camp Medication Form attached. All prescription medications are kept locked in the Camp Infirmary. A trained YMCA staff will be on hand to disburse medicine during the session to our campers according to the prescriptions.

CAMP STORE:  The camp store offers additional items for purchase each day.  Campers may opt to put any amount of money into the camp store that they can spend during the week.  The typical amount is $10.  Items to purchase are $1 or less.

MAIL:  Mail can be sent to your child C/O YMCA Camp Child, Elliston, MT 59728.  Mail can also be dropped off at the YMCA front desk and staff will deliver it.  Or, mail can be dropped off (discretely of course!) on the check in day.

PERSONAL VISITS: No personal visits by parents,relatives, or friends can be made to the camper during the Camp session.We have found that visits by family and friends can be disruptive to the team-building process and may create a sense of home-sickness.

ZIP LINE & CHALLENGE COURSE RELEASE FORM: We have a brand new feature at camp that I know you are going to love. I am attaching a release form that must be signed by a parent or guardian prior to participation. Please download these forms, sign them and bring them with you at check-in. We will have these forms at check-in if you are unable to download them.  climbing wall and zip line release form

PHOTO & VIDEO RELEASE FORM: If you wish to allow photos and/or videos of your child to be used in YMCA publications, please sign this form and bring it with you.  Photo-Video-Audio-Release-Form

CAMP DISMISSALS: It is our goal that every camper enjoys his/her experience at Camp Child and returns with a life-time of memories.If for any reason a camper is dismissed from camp (infraction of rules, homesickness, etc.), parents will be notified to pick-up their camper from camp. Dismissal may also result in a forfeiture of fees.


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